Black History Excellence

1. Wally Amos was a talent agency at Morris Agency with Supremes and Simone and Garfunkel, before be became Famous for “Amos” chocolate chip cookies.
2. In 1985, Pearl Baily earned her bachelor and apos degree in theology from Georgetown University after her long career as an singer and actress.
3. Benjamin Banker is scientist and mathematician who help design the blueprints for Washington D.C.

4. Halle Berry parents got her name from the Halle Department store located in Cleveland, Ohio.
5. In 993, during part of his research project Denzel Washington interview Johnnie Cochran for award winning film Philadelphia. This happened before Cochran achieved his nationwide fame for his role in O.J. Simpson trail.
6. At age of 15, Condoleezza Rice entered University of Denver and earned her Ph.D. at age of 26.
7. C.J. Madame was a civil rights activists and millionaire entrepreneur, she also was part of the delegation that traveled to the white house during 1917, when Woodrow Wilson was President to make lynching a federal crime.
8. Muddy Waters, known for his infusion of the electric guitar into the Delta country genre, “Father of Chicago Blues.” 1950, Waters influenced some of the most popular rock acts, including the Blues breakers and the Rolling Stones, who named themselves after his popular song, “Rolling & Stone.”
9. John Williams played for Baltimore Colt, and won Super Bowl before he quit the league to become a dentist.
10. Paul R. Williams who is a architect designed most of the home, he worked during the height of segregation that had deeds that barred blacks from buying them.
11. Stevie Wonder recorded the cries of his daughter Aisha Morris, for his popular song called “Isn’t She
12. W.E.B. DuBois who was a civil rights leader and co-founder of NAACP, was born February 23, 1868.
13. The 15th Amendment was passed on February 3, 1870, that gave blacks the right to vote.
14. Revels(1822-1901). Hiram R, who was the first black U.S. senator, took his oath of office on February 25, 1870.
15. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by group of black and white citizens in New York City on February 12, 1909.
16. February 1, 1960, became a civil-rights movement milestone, a group of four black Greensboro, N.C., college students Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond and Ezell Blair, began a sit in at a “whites-only” lunch counter and refused to leave after being denied service.
17. Malcolm X, the militant leader who promoted Black Nationalism, was shot to death by three Black Muslims on February 21, 1965.
18. March 2, 1955, the fifteen-year-old Claudette refused to move to the back of the bus, nine months before Rosa Parks’ stand that launched the Montgomery bus boycott. Claudette had been studying Black leaders like Harriet Tubman in her segregated school, those conversations had led to discussions around the current day Jim Crow laws they were all experiencing.
19. The first African-American heavy weight Champion boxing Jack Johnson won title in 1908 and he held belt until 1915.
20. The first African Americans man to become lawyer in Ohio, John Mercer Langston. He passed the Law bar in 1854. When he was elected to the post of Town Clerk for Brownhelm, Ohio in 1855 Langston became one of the first African Americans ever elected to public office in America. John Mercer Langston was also the great-uncle of Langston Hughes, famed poet of the Harlem Renaissance.

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