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Cravings Paving the Way

So…you’re in a room and in walks a brownie and a cookie…sounds like a bad set-up for an even worse punchline, but this is the exact situation that Jovon English found herself in. Up late one night, her sweet tooth alarm went off. Specifically, she

The Fun-Diggity Crew

Imagine being a student and not having enough financial aid to cover the costs of college. Envision having just lost your job and not knowing what you’re going to do. What’s the logical choice that you would make next? Of course, it would be start

J&B Popcorn: Turning A Family Tradition into A Noteworthy Business

Blackpreneur found a very young and vibrant couple out of the state of California with a very brilliant idea by turning a family tradition into a phenomenal business . Juan and Briana Young decided to go into business for themselves with Brianna’s mothers family favorite

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