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When the shift hits the fan ; change your way of thinking!

This month I would love to share some great ways to get past those shifty, moody days. At this point, there is so much going on in the world with politics, personal drama, family and work that it’s hard to find peace in this hectic, ever-changing world. We have children,

Lotus Organics

Organic is a word that gets misused and has become a grey area and our society. In today’s society we tend to go to our local grocery stores at farmer’s markets and we see the sign of “organic” on products that don’t really have those

The Importance of Language in Mental Health; With Rwenshaun Miller

“Using the same language in conversation fuels the same mentality and rarely inflicts change.” -Anthony Bartlett      The comment above comes from a conversation I had with a friend this weekend. It made me think about the words that are associated with mental health

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