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Organic is a word that gets misused and has become a grey area and our society. In today’s society we tend to go to our local grocery stores at farmer’s markets and we see the sign of “organic” on products that don’t really have those standards. This epidemic sent Blackpreneur’s team on a search to actually found a company that would not only you display the truth what would allow the customers to have one-on-one coaching and education on organic products.

Lotus Organics is a great company to get your body cream, lotion, deodorant and whatever else that you need made by pure cocoa butter, charcoal, copper, vitamins a ABCD & K.

6 years ago the owner of lotus organics noticed that her daughter was experiencing some serious eczema issues with her skin. So she set out to find products that her daughter could use without harm. Needless to say that this was a task to become harder than she thought. 3 years into her reach she took the task on herself and created lotus organics.

April sell smudge sticks, body creams camera antieczema lotion, pure deodorant as well as array of other products. One of April’s favorite quotes is ” we don’t go natural; we return to our natural ways.”

Here is a list of products in her store:
1- Sage Ticks – $4.00
2- Coca butter body bar – $6.50
3- Activated charcole deodorant- $9.50
4- Shea butter deodorant – $7.75
5- Bug off spray – $5.75

Here is her link to her website: http://www.lotusorganicdeodorant.com/

With a military background and experiencing life outside of the country she has definitely picked up some amazing skills that will help millions of people. The Blackpreneur Magazine Team was laughing when we had our interview because April was thinking of new products to put out on the market but, she didn’t want to smother everyone and decided to wait until the world catches up.

Recycling program is a cool way to recycle your deodorant cartridge and you can renew your same deordorant up to 4x! What a deal!
Remember that lets we use the more we can make. Let’s not forget that she buys all her organic shea butter from the Congo in Africa. Who wouldn’t want that?

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