Queen Of Strings, Nik West

The stage is set, the lights fall bright, the band is in place, the crowd is chanting waiting on the Queen of Strings Nik West. The Funkadelic and explosive bass player with her gravity-defying mohawk! Nik West transmits her presence upon the stage and gives us a show to remember for a lifetime. She is simply badass and no one will ever be able to out sing, out dance or even outplay this musical genius that we are also grateful to experience.


Nik West has an incredible Talent of the 21st Century. She is young, she is vibrant and her energy will shut down the house. What more could you ask for? She is unique in her own right giving her the due acknowledgement that she very well deserves. She is more than just a beautiful face. She is a real life inspiration. She is truly something special and she is the definition of black girl magic!

“Oh if there were more time in a day”…. Nik West

Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona Nik West learn how to play the bass instrument from her father. She never attended any formal instrument schools. It was all from feeling the vibrations at the base and listening with her ears. She has this true and raw talent coupled with this unique sound a her soothing voice. At the age of 13 she was evolving into her undeniable Journey and love for music.


“You have to be someone that cannot be substituted or knocked off. You can’t be a knockoff of anyone. You have to be original. What your selling has to be wanted by fans. If someone can EASILY copy you, then financially it will be hard. If you’re a one of a kind and you’re so good that people can’t take their eyes off of you, that’s when all the finances flow heavily into your lap. It takes strategy and hard work to figure this part out”.

 Nik West is on tour right making her way across the country.

I am headed back put on tour overseas. The tour will last for about 6 weeks. For a list of show dates, you can go to www.Bandsintown.com/nikwest. I named the tour FunkNROLL because I pride myself on being able to mix funk and rock into my music. It reaches a lot of different people and those who prefer certain genres of music, can still appreciate mine. Plus, Prince came out with a song called Funk and Roll, which I will be covering in my show.

In what areas do you seek to expand your career  in music, Blackpreneur wanted to know ?

I want to open my own school one day. Prince and I discussed this in detail. He wanted Paisley Park to be a school and I was to be the head teacher. We had the same dreams about education of the youth… and one day they will come to fruition.

Blackpreneur also asked a question for her fans to know…. What do you use for your hair Nik?

 I actually use Carol’s Daughter products in my hair. When not up in the mohawk, I leave my hair down in its natural curls. Carol’s daughter products leave my hair smelling good, feeling light and soft!
I use Iman make-up products. I used to be a model and she was one of the women that I looked up to, so when I heard she was coming out with a makeup line, I had to try it! The compressed powder is my favorite.

With her busy schedule we also asked…..What is your method of self-care to prevent burnout?

I do yoga and try to eat well. Also, I am okay with saying the word NO to things that don’t fit into the big picture. Generally, when you say no, it’s not a death sentence lol! It will come back around if it matters. I’m not a machine so we can’t do everything. Don’t be afraid to decline things.

This was such a wonderful interview. We are HONORED to help share Nik West story. Prince would definitely be proud. We are!! thank you Nik for taking the time out of your tour to converse with us. Peace and Love Queen.

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