When the shift hits the fan ; change your way of thinking!

This month I would love to share some great ways to get past those shifty, moody days. At this point, there is so much going on in the world with politics, personal drama, family and work that it’s hard to find peace in this hectic, ever-changing world. We have children, partners, family and friends vying for our attention – but we are only one person. It’s time for you to take back your power – it’s okay to say NO. Personally, I enjoy meditation on all levels – whether it be riding in the car, when I get home from work, or anytime I have a quiet moment to myself. It is very important to find this time and make the effort to make it happen. No one ever thinks of finding quiet time in the shower, but it is probably my favorite way to find my meditation and peace. The sound of the running water is very revitalizing to the brain if you allow it to be, allowing your body to let go of all of the day’s ups and downs in that moment – it not only allows your body to relax but your brain and energy, as well. Your energy needs time to settle, especially if you work, children, or just have day-to-day life duties. Rejuvenating your energy allows you to think clearly, handle situations with less stress and also help to lift your vibrations to attract what blessings you wish to manifest. If you haven’t started manifesting your desires, then now is the time to start learning how.

The thing about being human is that we are amazing creatures. We have the ability to be of the knowing. What do i mean by ‘the knowing’? Exactly what it sounds like. ‘The knowing’ is knowing everything will be okay, and even if it’s not, having faith in yourself that you will rise again. In life we rise, we fall, there are peaks and valleys in every aspect of our lives. We tend to forget this –  we go on an all-time high and have the best week ever only to be let down by our car malfunctioning the next Tuesday. Now if at that point you were in the knowing, then you would not allow this to send you on a downward spiral. You would take it for what it is and know that your blessing is waiting after this brief interruption. Usually at this time people feel as if their world is coming to end. They feel as though their day has been ruined along with a few more days of the week just because they’re in a temporary ‘low’ streak. Now this could have played out way differently with the knowing leading the way. Ah, I stubbed my toe, “I should move this before I forget, I stub my toe twice a week.” No coffee, “Well, I guess I really didn’t need it” or “I will grab some on the way to work”. “You hit my car, lets just take care of this so we can both move on with our day”. Now, not everyone reacts like this in situations but you should definitely give it a try. This will eliminate so much unnecessary time dwelling on situations that have happened and won’t change. This is life and we have all been given the chance to live it with all true intentions. You make your life enjoyable, don’t depend on others to do it for you. We have to take responsibility for how we not act and react, but also consciously live – if do this then we don’t have to worry about our actions. I absolutely advise all to sit down, take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and think about how you could have handled a specific situation differently. Did you curse the lady out at Starbucks because you were late to work and they were taking too long? You, and only you, are the cause and effect of your universe. Change your way of thinking, and be humble, before the shift really hits the fan.

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